Following the incident with the American spy, Raymond Davis in 2011, allegations and blame were put on the high standing officials of Pakistan. But let’s look at this in a logical perspective. Who was responsible for that settlement? The government, the military, agencies or the victims which were horrifically persecuted? 

It was not the case of the American status quo or the Western pressure. It was purely a case where justice was denied and the deceased were given a price for their lives - $2.34 million. The tragedy is that the killer was free to go, with the help of our own rulers. 

Who can defy the United States of America? Is there anyone who can say no to these self-declared ‘world leaders’? Can Nawaz Sharif or Asif Ali Zardari? Neither. Poor people will continue to be killed by other ‘Raymond’s’, who will then roam freely. The media will make noise for justice, for only a few days. Then all will be settled. We will go back to our lives and none of this would have mattered. After all most people have seemed to forgotten this incident. 

This is the reason, we are considered a ‘third world country’. Everything is set for sale. Everything, including the lives of victims (in any way) is bought. You commit a crime, you pay for it and then you’re free. Honour and security are worthless in Pakistan. I’m also referring to the Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, which is nothing different to Raymond Davis’s. Once again, government officials have put their personal interests over the national cause. 


Gujranwala, July 2.