Conviction of thrice elected PM and his daughter for possessing assets beyond means has set a precedent which should be followed to its logical conclusion by holding everybody accountable who is guilty of similar charges. After all there is no difference between money trails given by MNS, Musharraf and over 4,000 citizens of this country, including civil bureaucrats and khakis, who own properties in Dubai and another thousand owning houses/apartments in UK, Canada etc not justified by declared income.

There is no rocket science involved in finding identity of those who own luxurious houses built on 1000 sq yds, farm houses and luxury apartments and income tax paid by them. The fact that FBR has failed to bring them to book for decades has promoted corruption and tax evasion.

Whether it be family members of AZ, Ishaq Dar, Zahid Ali Akbar, Kayani, Ahad Cheema, Fawad Hassan Fawad, Malik Riaz, Aleem Khan, Capt Naseer, Shahid Latif, Salman Siddique etc or MNS, the law must apply equally to everybody, otherwise NAB court verdict would be considered selective accountability. Pakistan is technically a bankrupt country on verge of default, yet if you venture into ever expanding gated housing societies and numerous golf courses that have erupted in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, this country seems part of First World with abundant water. There are two Pakistans; one for affluent elite beneficiaries of state allotment welfare schemes and tax amnesty schemes, catering for all their needs from cradle to grave with pension emoluments more than salary for qualified doctors or engineers; the other where majority of 200 million live without water, electricity, no subsidized health or education, no security of life or property and no house to live in.


Karachi, July 9.