It refers to the recent news regarding the serious issue of Makran Power Supply as the whole Makran region has been doing without power (electricity) for complete four days as supply of electricity from Iran to Gwadar, Turbat and Panjgur districts remained suspended. The power supply was suspended before three days and still it isn’t restored yet, as a consequence, the residents of the Makran division have been forced to make do without electricity in the prevailing hot weather.

The Quetta’s officials of Electricity Supply Company (QESC) occurred that power supply from Iran was only cut due to a technical fault in the transmission line and going to eradicate the issue for restoring the power supply to Makran divisions.

Actually, neither there is any fault in transmission to power nor the Iran has cut it, only due to propaganda of policy makers. If the condition remains same then the public cannot give votes and as the residents are in troubles then how can they give elections to the ones who cannot solve internet and electricity issues of Makran. Elections are very near and would be held on 25th of July. The electricity remains available only at nights, not during the day, so if there would be a fault in system then how can it supply the power only at night? And how a minor fault would take more than four days for elimination it. Need to think about it that why is it so?

Recently, on Tuesday, the residents of Turbat had a major protest by closure of shops, banks, roads due to unavailable of power but their voice remained ignored by the leaders as still Wednesday till today the electricity is unavailable in Makran.

In 21st century, under the development era, three districts including major cities have been suffering from power supply for more than four days but unfortunately none of the government officials took any actions about the elimination of it, as the residents are undergoing from multiple problems. Since, today everything is running under the electricity like, shops, banks, offices, and etc but we are ignored and lack power yet.

So, the Government of Balochistan and District Commissioner including policy makers of Turbat have to take serious actions for removing the power issue in Makran and should find out the final decisions for supplying electricity in Makran. The people of Makran need justice and supply electricity.


Makran, July 10.