Health is not a fundamental right in Pakistan particularly when we see the condition of people with poor health. In Pakistan life extremely is 63.8, neonatal mortality is. 54 percent, 1,000 infants mortality is 78 percent 1000 under five moralities 94 per 1000. Furthermore, in Pakistan about 18(13.7%) people are suffering to diabetes.

Moreover, the number of doctors in Pakistan are the ratio of 1:1,320 nurses are 1:22, 622 dentists are 1:3039. The main reason for poor healthcare is lack of food regulations, adulterated food, and economic inequality. However, the impact of government negligence towards health care on people of Pakistan can be seen from latest incident of Punjab. In Punjab many people have died after consuming harmful cough syrup and life treating medicines. At the last resort I would like to request the health department should provide the facilities as soon.


Kech, July 7.