HAFIZABAD/BAHAWALPUR/AHMEDPUR EAST   -   The PTI has won the lone NA-87 and two of the three PA seats in Hafizabad district and also remained victorious in Bahawalpur and Ahmadpur East in the general elections.

According to preliminary results announced by the Returning Officers, Shaukat Ali Bhatti of PTI defeated PML-N candidate Saira Afzal Tarar in NA-87 by 8,165 votes. Shaukat Ali Bhatti got 165,618 votes as against 157,453 votes secured by Saira Afzal Tarar. Uncle of Shaukat Ali Bhatti, Liaqat Abbas Bhatti of TLY secured 44,130 votes while PTI candidate Allah Rakhi got only 3,396 votes.

Mamoon Jaffar Tarar, PTI candidate from PP-69, defeated PML-N candidate Shahid Hussain Bhatti by 6693. Jaffat Tarar got 58337 votes while Shahid Hussain Bhatti secured 51644 votes while Asad Ullah Arian of TLY candidate got 19000 votes. Dr Muzaffar Ali Sheikh, PML-N Candidate for PP-70, defeated Malik Fayyaz Ahmad Awan by 3042 votes. Dr Muzaffar obtained 49093 votes while Malik Fayyaz Ahmad Awan got 46051 votes. TLY candidate Barrister Waeemul Hassan Naqvi got 24735 votes.

PTI Candidate for PP-71 Ahsan Ansar Bhatti defeated TLY candidate Syed Shoaib Shah Nawaz by 16803 votes. The winner got 47840 votes while TLY candidate got 31037 votes. PML-N Candidate Shoaib Shaifque got 28706 votes.

PTI clinched victory from Bahawalpur in the General Elections 2018, while PML-N remained the second most successful political party. PTI got three seats of MNA out of total five while PML-N could succeed on two seats of MNA from District Bahawalpur.

According to the results in the constituencies of National Assembly of Bahawalpur PTI won three seats and PML N one.  Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf’s Muhammad Farooq Azam Malik won with 84,495 votes followed by PML N’s Muhammad Balighur Rehman with 74,694 votes.

In NA-171 Bahawalpur-2, PML N’s Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada won with 99,202 votes followed by PTI’s Chaudhry Naeemuddin Waraich with 88,207 votes. In NA-172, Pakistan Muslim League Q’s Chaudhry Tariq Basheer Cheema won with the seat adjustment of PTI with 106,383 votes followed by PML N’s Saud Majeed with 101,971 votes.

In NA-173 Bahawalpur, PML N’s Mian Najeeduddin Awaisi won with 86,142 votes followed by PTI’s 60,211 votes. In NA-174, PTI’s Makhdoom Samiul Hassan Gillani won with 63,884 votes followed by independent candidate Prince Bahawal Abbas Abbasi who got 58,092 votes.

In PP-245, PML N’s Zaheer Iqbal won with 47,177 votes followed by PTI’s Muhammad Asghar with 42,196 votes, in PP-246 PTI’s Samiullah Chaudhry won with 46,175 votes followed by PML N’s Rana Muhammad Tariq Khan with 36,851 votes. In PP-247, PML N’s Kazim Pirzada won with 51,420 votes followed by independent candidate Muhammad Nawaz with 29,896 votes. In PP-248 Bahawalpur-4 PML N’s Muhammad Afzal Gul won with 48,829 votes followed by independent candidate Khaleel Ahmad with 34,693 votes. In PP-249 Bhawalpur-5 Pakistan Muslim League Q Ehsanul Haq won with 48,393 votes followed by PML N’s Khalid Mehmood Jajja with 47,840 votes.

In PP-250, Pakistan Muslim League Q’s Muhammad Afzal won with 51,229 votes followed by PML N’s Saad Masood with 47,881 votes. In PP-251, PML N’s Malik Khalid Mehmood Babar won with 43,047 votes followed by PTI’s Malik Jahanzaib Waran with 21,802 votes. In PP-252 Bahawalpur-8 PML N’s Mian Muhammad Shoaib Awaisi won with 45,458 votes followed by PTI’s Malik Ahmad Usman Nawaz with 26,380 votes. In PP-253 Bahawalpur-9 PTI’s Sahibzada Muhammad Gazain Abbasi won with 36,375 votes followed by PML N’s Adnan Fareed with 31,359. In PP-254 Bahawalpur-10 PTI’s Syed Ifttikhar Hassan won with 36,644 votes followed by Pakistan Peoples Party’s Syed Aamir Ali Shah with 27,403 votes.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf panel obtained victory in one national assembly and two Punjab Assembly seats in Ahmedpur East. According to unofficial results for NA-174, PTI candidate Makhdoom Syed Samiul Hassn Gillani got 63888 votes and was declared as MNA while his rival candidates Prince Bahawal Abbas Khan Abbasi got 58092 and PPP candidate Makhdoom Shed Ali Hassan Gillani secured 51359 votes.

Similarly in PP-253, PTI candidate Sahibzada Muhammad Gazain Abbasi has been declared successful who secured 36375 votes while his rival PML(N) candidate Qazi Adnan Farid obtained 31359 votes. In PP-54 Uchsharif-Chanigoth, Makhdoom Syed Iftikhar Hassan Gilani got 36544 votes while his rival PPP candidate Makhdoom Syed Aamar Ali Shah secured 27403 votes.

Meanwhile, former minister for information Muhammad Ali Durrani’s son Hussein Ali Durrani was defeated in PP-253 Ahmedpur East. He got only 2827 votes .

Uch Sharif Police have registered a case  under sections 471,420,468,188,109 PPC  against PPP candidate for NA-173 and NA-174 Makhdoom Syed Ali Hassan Gillani, PPP candidate for PP-254 Chanigoth-Uchsharif Makhdoom Syed Aamar Ali Shah and their accomplices Shaleel Ranoja, Asif Lodhra, Bagga Munshi besides others on the report of Assistant Sub Inspector Chanigoth  Police Station Asmat Javed and started the investigations.

According to police 250 male and females were gathered on 24h July by PPP  candidate for PP-254 Makhdoom Syed Aamar Ali Shah, Shekeel Ranoja and others at Ghuas-ul-Azam  house the residence of  PPP candidate for two NA seats Makhdoom Syed Ali Hassan Gillani despite the finishing of election campaign by Election Commission of Pakistan.