MARDAN    -  Anjuman-e-Kashtkaran Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President Haji Namat Shah Roghani on Friday demanded the government to reverse the cruel increase in the prices of artificial fertilisers and insecticides. In a press statement, he said that the agriculture sector of the province is standing on the edge of destruction and the farmers of the province were living a miserable life. He added that in this situation, the government instead of providing relief to the farmers put an end to subsidy on artificial fertilisers and insecticides and created more problems for the farmers. Shah added that Pakistan is an agriculture country and 85 percent of the population is affiliated with agriculture but unfortunately there is no agriculture policy. He added that due to the establishment of townships, expressways, roads, and schools, the agriculture land is decreasing day by day. He demanded the government to announce an agriculture policy and save agriculture from destruction.