Superstar Mahira Khan has come under some serious criticism and that to by the veteran actor Firdous Jamal who questioned Mahira's acting skills and age-shamed her by calling the actress "overaged" in an interview with a private TV channel. 

Firdous Jamal in a TV interview on a local media channel was quite blunt when passing comments on Mahira who's recently had no hit movies in the recent years. 

‘Sorry to say, she is not heroine stuff. She is a mediocre sort of a model, is not a good actress and not a heroine,’ Firdous Jamal said on TV show. 

The yesteryear actor even went as far as to label the actor as old. He further added that "Mahira is overaged and in her age actresses usually don’t play roles of a heroine rather they do character roles of a mother."