KARACHI    -   Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has directed KWSB to launch rotation system for distribution of water to the city and inform the public through its website about it so that people know when they would receive water.

“KWSB has to take over the entire system in a transparent manner and it can’t be left at the mercy of some people,” he said.  He said this on Friday while presiding over a meeting of the Local Government Department to evolve strategy regarding arrangements and preparation for monsoon/ heavy rains starting from July 29 and work out a plan for equitable distribution of water in the city. The meeting was attended by Minister for Local Government Saeed Ghani, Principal Secretary to CM Sajid Jamal Abro, Commissioner for Karachi Iftikhar Shahalwani, Secretary for Local Government Khalid Hyder Shah, KWSB MD Asadullah Khan and other concerned officers of water board.

The minister local government said that there was 406 MGD net supply of water in the city against a requirement of 918 MGD. At this the chief minister said almost there was a 50 percent shortage, therefore distribution water must be made equitably.

“A rotation system as is planned by Irrigation department during water shortages may also be replicated by KWSB in the city,” he said and added “presently some areas are getting water regularly while the others were waiting for weeks- this is injustice and unfair practice,” he said.

Shah said that he had solid reports that the Valve-men have established their parallel sway in the water distribution system. “The valve-men involved in favoritism must be identified and criminal cases may also initiated against them,” he urged minister local government.

He directed KWSB MD Asadullah Khan to work out a detailed rotation plan and upload it on its Website so that people must know when they would receive water. He also directed him to launch operation against illegal water connections and theft. “It is also a big challenge for KWSB and must be dealt accordingly.

The chief minister also urged the local government minister to engage water board engineers for proper maintenance and upgradation of water distribution system so that 30 percent line losses/theft could be controlled. “If you succeed in controlling 30 percent water losses you would be able to save 174 MGD water which is a big deal,” he told the minister.


The chief minister said the metrological department has issued a forecast of heavy rains starting from July 29 in the city. Therefore, necessary arrangements which include cleanliness of drains, proper maintenance of sewerage system and repair of depressions on the road must be made.

The Local Government Minister Saeed Ghani said that there were 16 drains under KMC and they were given Rs500 million last year. The chief minister said that the KMC must have a work plan for cleaning of drains so that necessary funds could be released.

He said that KMC must make a profiling of each and every drain which includes length of the drains, portions under encroachment, choking points, the points from where filth and garbage was dumped or dropped in the drain. “Without a detailed engineering plan you cannot clean a drain or maintain them,” he said.

Minister for Local Government Saeed Ghani said that he had convened a meeting of all local bodies of the city in which a comprehensive plan would be worked out to handle heavy downpour, if rained, efficiently. He said that he was in touch with other civic agencies operating in the city so that a joint working plan could be made. The chief minister directed the minister local government to keep all the local bodies concerned staff on alert and keep inspecting all the troubling points where rain water accumulates so that they could be maintained properly.

Shah urged KWSB to start patrolling on bulk transmission system, canals, syphons, conduits and other installations located in the areas of Dhabeji, Gharo, Pipri and NEK pumping stations and filter plants. In case of power failure at the pumping station complaint must be filed with KE immediately so that water and pumping stations could function smoothly.

Water Board MD Asadullah Khan gave the chief minister detailed briefing about his preparedness for the upcoming expected heavy rains.