The important reason for the failure of our educational system is less trained faculty. New techniques of teaching and materials to make lessons more interesting to the students have not been adopted. One of the chronic problems of our education system is the shortage of teachers. Education issues and problems involve the inaccessibility of the right resources. In Pakistan education facts very clearly indicate that the major factor that is effecting literacy is the unavailability of quality education in many areas.

The development of education is very much a nation-building factor which will affect the country’s development. The problems of female education interfere with the betterment of our country’s future. This hindrance could be catered by improving the education policy of Pakistan. Sadly there aren’t many institutions working on catering to female education. Owing to the expansion of Punjab Group of Colleges, a major change in this situation is taking place.

The network started to offer quality education by opening a college. Gradually it began to cater to both higher education and early childhood education. Punjab Group of Colleges has improved all levels of education.