ISLAMABAD   -   National Emergence Operation Centre (NEOC) on Polio Friday confirmed two new polio cases from Quetta and Bannu.

According to an official of NEOC, so far this year, up to 47 wild polio virus cases have been reported from across the country.

He added out of the total, 36 cases have been reported from Khyber Pakthunkwa and its merged tribal districts, three cases from Balochistan, five cases from Punjab and three from Sindh.

He said the cause behind having polio virus in both children from Bannu and Quetta was refusal of polio vaccination by parents.

He added after confirmation of polio virus, the parents accepted that they refused the vaccination for their children on wrong propaganda.

With confirmation of polio virus in 10-month old child in Bannu, the figure of total polio cases reached at 26 in Bannu Division only.