ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finally started development work in Sector I-15 after a delay of about 15 years.  

The contractor has been mobilised while the camp office has also been established for initiating development activities in the sector I-15/3. Sector I-15 was designed in 2005 to provide housing to low income groups but remained stalled for almost one and half decades. According to the layout plan of the said sector, there are 10,290 plots of different categories in said sector.

However, despite the allotment of plots, no step regarding its development has been taken for many years and allottees have been unable to construct houses on their plots. The virtual inauguration of this project was done by the Prime Minister Imran Khan few weeks ago along three other road infrastructure projects.

At present, survey and demarcation work is being carried out which will be followed by the earth work on road infrastructure and other development works.

After completing survey, work on construction of major roads and service roads will be carried out in the first stance. After completing construction of roads, work on provision of other facilities including drainage, sewerage, water supply, electrification and others in sub-sector I-15/3 will be taken up. In this connection, instructions have been issued to complete the survey and demarcation work within two weeks so that construction work on roads could be started. The sector I-15 was launched particularly to accommodate low income citizens. The incumbent management of CDA in line with its policy to take up the development work in the stalled sectors and uplift of infrastructure development of the city revived the project and decided to address the problems faced by those who were allotted plots and were stuck in the Sector I-15 since long. All administrative and technical issues hindering the development in the Sector I-15 were addressed and now development work on the project has been started. The development of this sector will help add to the housing stock available in the city as well as the country. “Development of 1-15 is a good step but other stalled sectors should also be developed,” said an official of the CDA. He said there was a long list of stalled sectors including C-13,C-14, C-15, C-16, D-13, E-13, F-13, H-16, I-17, I-11, I-12, 1-14, I-15, Kuri Model Village, Park Enclave II and Chatta Bakhtawar.