There is no doubt that the world has suffered from a deadly virus which caused a huge number of problems and destroyed the economies of the world. Innocent students have also suffered from it and lost a lot of opportunities in their educational careers because every learning institute is closed for almost four months. Initially, there was no lockdown, but still, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions closed immediately.

If companies, festivals, bazaars can be opened and all kinds of activities can go on, then why can’t reading places be opened? Everyone knows that reading is essential, and stopping it is very harmful whether it is for four days or six months. We, the students, face many shortcomings. Still, we cannot do anything about our studies, no matter how great the compulsions are. Therefore, the government should allow us to start our educational journey again by opening schools and other educational institutions. This is a huge loss in our students’ educational progress because many of us didn’t learn anything for four months. I fully request that the holy and places where animals become human beings be reopened.