LAHORE - Dr Seemi Bukhari, MNA of  Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has said that the corruption of PML-N and PPP will end, not NAB.  Imran Khan will remain the Prime Minister and he will not make any comprise on his principles. Inshallah, only justice will prevail in the Local Body elections and the opposition will  have to face defeat.   Talking on Sunday, Dr Seemi Bukhari said that whenever there is talk of transparent accountability in the country, his followers including PML-N and PPP start making noise but all their efforts and intentions will fail.   The govt of PTI will not only fulfill the constitutional term but also those who looted the national treasury will have to come to justice.   She said that the people of Pakistan are fortunate to have an honest leader like Imran Khan who is fighting for the development and prosperity of 220 million people of Pakistan and not for personal interests and Pakistan is developing rapidly.  All the promises made by the Prime Minister will be fulfilled.