We had heard of bulletproof cars, bulletproof glass, and bulletproof jackets. The latest is the bulletproof wall. The other day Mr. Rehman Malik told us that he was going to build bulletproof walls to protect all super-sensitive areas. I am an old soldier and I know no bullet can penetrate the ordinary 9-inch thick wall. Mr. Malik has not mentioned the specification of these 'new' walls he has invented. We hope that he is not going to build walls like those protecting the Bilawal House, which are 20 feet in height and 3 feet in width and filled with concrete. Perhaps I should mention here that the White House in America has no wall protecting it. Of course, some high-tech gadgets might be protecting it from attack of the terrorists. I would request Mr. Malik to have a heart and not waste the taxpayers' hard-earned money on walls. We should start thinking about buying modern gadgetry to protect our green zones. Walls would be like ugly scars on the faces of our beautiful cities. -COL (Retd) R.M. AKHTAR, Lahore, via e-mail, June 25.