Reference letter to the editor, appearing in your esteemed newspaper titled "Can't admit he lied". In my view, there is no legal or moral validity of a confession or any document obtained under duress or coercion. Even if it is accepted for the sake of argument that Nawaz Sharif signed the request for pardon, we should also keep in view the fact that it was addressed to the constitutional president of Pakistan of that time who was Rafique Tarar rather than the self-styled "chief executive" Pervez Musharraf, who had himself come into power through a very unconstitutional, unlawful and questionable manner and that was through toppling of a constitutionally elected Prime Minister of the country. Incidentally, what Pervez Musharraf is afraid of now and why he is running from pillar to post if everything he did during his stay in power was legitimate and above board.-AHMAD UMAIR, Lahore, June 26.