A speculative glance at the programmes being telecast on our cable networks is in order. So much information can be found on a TV screen these days, along with other sources like the Internet, that it would be fair to assume that the world has virtually turned into a proverbial global village. Where this has had its advantages, not much focus has been given to the effects of media or, put another way, how someone, a country for that matter, might be using this medium to influence the way people think. For instance, the Pakistani public, ever since the arrival of cable networks, has been viewing the Indian channels, perhaps without knowing the fallout on our values and customs. Though cultural diffusion is a process that is a trait of human evolution, it appears that our neighbour has got the better of us through the cultural weapon it holds in the form of various channels broadcasting programmes, drama serials and suchlike on our television screens, going right through our consciousness almost like a magic bullet. It might not be a logical decision to ban these channels and what strengthens the argument against them is that India has seen sense in placing a ban on Pakistani channels, obviously on the ground that the Indian mindset would be led astray. We can ill afford to make concessions here.