"Pakistan? Turmoil in its national politics, turmoil in its cricket politics; no chance to prepare properly, no players in the IPL; a captain who didn't seem to care early in the tournament, no domestic cricket structure worthy of the name. If they didn't have talent, they'd have nothing. Of course, they do have talent, and so - they have everything." This is a remark from the Guardian of June 22 that says it all. Pakistan has been effectively written off. Our newly found democracy, our political jousting, playing hide and seek with an NRO that was negotiated between a military dictator and a now deceased leader of the PPP, but more importantly shepherded and insured by the Americans. The writer has with thinly veiled contempt given his view succinctly on the State of Pakistan, yet paying our people the ultimate compliment of having natural talent, the stuff champions are made of. It is this Pakistan, that is our beloved nation, one that has been raped continuously by its managers and its leaders. This time we were extremely lucky that coach Intikhab Alam being famous for his 'hands off' technique and the chairman was so full of bluff and bluster that he was not taken seriously. The raw energy of the boys took over, and talent won the day. Our PCB, true to form succeeded in mismanaging the arrival of the world conquering team in a befitting manner and they were made to slink home using backdoors - as if they had been caught in the book. It is unbelievable that the PCB could not organise a proper reception on their arrival. Luckily the prime minister and the president had the good grace to invite the teams over - but, the public were considered a security threat and were excluded. What is to be considered is the question of who is more important to the Pakistani people, the Federal Cabinet, or the Pakistan team. There should be a referendum on this one. It is evident that the Pakistani public is being screwed yet again by our leadership, who living in their gilded shelters have a complete stranglehold on the resources of our country, and yet have the gaul to dole out gifts of largesse to the true achievers as if it is of their own fief. The public was not even allowed a glimpse of our heroes who had brought glory to the nation. Schools should have been given a special day off. These children are your new champions, and should not be excluded from the celebrations. The leadership and their nominees the PCB have not realised that it is these eleven youngsters who have toiled and sweated, and delivered a performance that humbled all. And brought home a world cup. The last time a world trophy came our way was in 1992. Sixteen years ago. Any world cup. A drought of sixteen long years. In the Olympics we have not won any medals let alone a world championship, in forty years, and our PCB could not organise a fitting homecoming. It is not in our stars, the fault lies in ourselves. It is time that we not allow the PCB to reap the benefit earned by the players, for it is quite clear that it is the incompetence of the PCB that has kept us away from the glory, when the genuine achievers who bring glory to Pakistan are ignored, then we must rise and deliver to them the accolade, the respect, the adulation that they have brought for the country. We owe them that. The people of Pakistan wanted the opportunity to see their heroes, to vent their happiness, to display a part of the enjoyment, the pride that had been brought to them by these eleven who brought the best of the world, to just best of the rest, for we are the champions. The Butts of the PCB and their ilk must be removed. To have denied the Pakistani public this pleasure is shameful, and unforgivable. For a nation that is deprived of its opportunity to glorify its heroes has no right to ask for anything in return, for heroes are the foundations of a nation - without a Jinnah, Liaquat, or Bhutto we would find ourselves singing the praises of Gandhi or Nehru losing our very identity in the process. Thank You Younis, and your team, we are grateful to you for this gift of the world cup that you have brought us. The writer is a political analyst