THE Balochistan Assembly has unanimously approved the budget for the year 2009-10. The 20 percent raise in salaries of the government employees along with substantial monetary allocation for health, education and agriculture sectors are undoubtedly positive steps. But given the fact that the Baloch have been for long at the receiving end of social and political injustice meted out to them by various governments, there should be no disputing the reality that the province needs a healthy dose of development. Not surprisingly, the assembly was conscious of the fact that the budget was not tailor-made for the province and its demands. One could not help but lend an ear to the call made by Provincial Finance Minister Mir Asim Kurd who, while speaking in the Assembly, argued that the criteria on which National Finance Commission was based should be reviewed and made the basis for the budget. He pointed out that area should be made a criterion in the next NFC award. Along with this, the backwardness of the province is another factor that must be given due importance. No doubt, population is a factor that cannot be ignored, but the case of Balochistan is different. The alarming level of poverty, socio-economic development, poor infrastructure, literacy rate and absence of social services not only fuel resentment among the people but also threaten a wider conflagration. No wonder, some of the leaders like Brahamdagh Bugti cash in on this factor to spread their separatist agenda. Hence, the need to streamline the economy of the province.