Alya Alvi in her letter to The Nation (May 24) writes about "the US 7th Fleet that failed to come to Pakistan's help when India was turning East Pakistan into Bangladesh". This misstatement could have been excused before the Pentagon Papers were released many years ago. The Papers had revealed that right from the beginning, the US had no intention of intervening in East Pakistan on behalf of Pakistan. The presence of the 7th Fleet was to back up Richard Nixon's warning to Indira Gandhi to lay off the West Pakistan. She was planning to move her air force to the West Pakistan borders next. We should be thanking USA for coming to our help against India at that crucial time instead of criticizing it. History should not be twisted around to suit one's view of it. That is not to say that US has not let us down very badly on other occasions. Also, her blaming USA for the murder of Liaquat Ali Khan is also quite outrageous. It is well known to have been a result of the political infighting in Pakistan. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, June 21.