NANKANA SAHIB - Man shot and injured his brother, his wife and another, who were trying to stop him (the man) from torturing children over a kids depute, on Sunday, said police. Police have registered a case against him and started further investigation. Reportedly, Amir Ali, a resident of Village Natha, in the jurisdiction of Mangtanwala Police was beating children over a kids dispute. Allah Ditta, his brother and his wife tried to stop him from torturing kids but he got angered and openly fired, injured Allah Ditta, his brother and his wife. Hashish seized: A huge quantity of narcotics was seized in separate areas of the district, according to police. On a tip-off, the Warburton Police caught red-handed Asif, resident of Aalian, when he was selling hash outside his shop openly without any fear. The police seized 1,050g hash from him. Meanwhile, on tip off the Barah Garh Police recovered 425g hash from Nasar Ali and Malik Safel on the checking when they were going from Buchaki to Nankana on motorcycle. Moreover, accused Farooq Ahmed was arrested with 200g hash when he was selling at Rehamtpura.