RENALA KHURD - On the instruction of Okara DCO Cap (r) Saif Anjum Rana, Renala Khurd Assistant Commissioner Shakil Aslam has launched an operation for the removal of encroachments. In the first phase, the AC, accompanied by the officials from the TMA and Revenue Department removed and dismantled illegal constructions and structures on GT Road from Renala Bypass to Millat High School. On the occasion, Rana Shakil Aslam told The Nation that the target of eradication of encroachments from Renala City would be achieved very soon and people would feel a pleasant change. He said that illegal construction had disturbed the citizen, especially at public places as these encroachments had turned streets and roads into narrow lane which caused great difficulties in the movement of the general public. PML-N to solve crises: Former MPA Rai Noor Muhammad Kharal has said that the country has confronted multiple crises which have put its sovereignty and integrity at stake. He said that the corrupt rulers had pushed the country to the verge of destruction. Talking to The Nation here, he claimed that PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif was the only leader who was capable enough to steer the country out of all these crises. Rai Noor Kharal said that the PML-N agenda was the welfare of the masses as its leader had great love for the country. Had Musharraf not been overthrown Nawaz government, Pakistan would have been Asian Tiger today, he pointed out, adding that that the PML-N would make the country strong and developed after coming into power.