Brigadier Ali's arrest has sparked a heated debate on the nature of Hizbut Tahrir. Gen. Moin-ud-din Haider termed it as terrorist organisation and alleged that its agenda is that of Maulana Fazlullah of Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi. Hizb-ut-Tehrir is banned in Pakistan. It is surprising to hear such things because as far as I know Hizbut Tahrir is not a terrorist organization. It does not have any agenda of usurping power. If it were a terrorist organisation, it must be having a terrorist record and I don't think it's profile fits this slab. It has presence in a lot of Muslim countries and I do not think that most of its activists are permanent members. The basic idea they work for is establishment of Caliphate. That is a good thing. The Muslim Ummah could become one again with the establishment of Caliphate. If the Pakistan Army has arrested a brigadier that is their internal matter since in my knowledge army officers are not allowed to play a part in politics but still it does not mean that that Hizbut Tahrir is a terrorist organisation. Hizb is basically working for unity of Muslim Ummah. This is not a hidden reality that the British deprived the whole Muslim Ummah of whatever symbolic Caliphate was in place at the end of First World War. We should restrain ourselves from calling everyone a terrorist. AHMAD KAMAL KHATTAK, Peshawar, June 24.