KARACHI - At least six people including the grandson of late Nawab Akbar Bugti were killed and nine others injured in a firing incident in the Defence area of Karachi on late Saturday night. The incident took place at bungalow No 121, on 7th street, Khayaban-e-Rahat in Defence Phase VI, at around 2: 00 am. Police have taken 11 persons into custody from the bungalow, and registered the cases. Police said Arif Rajder, a local leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) in collaboration with his friend Faisal had organised a dance party. Function was organised for fifty guests only. One of their guests was Talay Bugti who arrived in the party with some extra friends hailing from Balochistan. Talay seated himself in the party but Zahid Butt, one of his friends, being late tried to get inside after an hour which started a heated debate among the participants. Zahid Butt while entering the bungalow started aerial firing. In retaliation to the aerial firing, party organizer Dr Iqbal pulled out his pistol and warned Zahid. Meanwhile, Talay fired at Zahid. But he managed to escape and fired at Talay and Dr Iqbal who sustained bullet injures and died on the spot. Following the incident guards of Talay, standing outside the bungalow, made their entry into the party and seeing Talay lying in pool of blood, resorted to indiscriminate fire at the people. As a result of this firing, 12 more people sustained bullet wounds and taken to different hospitals of Karachi. Three including waiters Kamran Shafi, Mark Joseph and Kamran Gull died due to the firing of Talays guards and another man, Ziauddin, died during treatment at hospital. Rest of the injured were shifted to different hospitals. The injured included Zeeshan, 28, Zahid Fazal, 27, Faraz Amir, 22, Irfan Adnan, 33, Qamruddin, 30, Shahbaz Habib, 30, Bilal Arshad, 25, Essa Jalaluddin and Ziauddin, 28. SP Clifton, Tariq Dharejo said that nine persons had been taken into custody from the bungalow including Zahid Butt, bungalows Owner Nasir Farhan. Police have registered a case under section 302,34 against Talay Bughti, Dr Iqbal of PML-F. Cases were also registered against Arif Rajder, his friend Faisal and guards of Talay who managed to escape after the incident with Gizri Police Station. Agencies add: According to District Superintendent of Police (DSP) Gizri Zameer Abbasi, a girl was also killed in the incident. Her name could not be verified, but she was referred to as Bunty in the police report. Post-mortem of the bodies was conducted in Jinnah Hospital.