Makhdoom Amin Fahim, a prominent leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, who once had a great influence in partys policymaking but has recently lost his grace because he was allegedly involved in a scam, has said that Kalabagh Dam could only be built with consensus. He was speaking as the chief guest at a function organised by Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industry. One can only feel sorry for his short-sightedness while addressing a project of such vital national importance to Pakistans future. One would hope that Makhdoom Sahib is fully aware of all those national and international conspiracies that had led to shelving this gigantic project. Kalabagh Dam was approved by at least a dozen international firms with specialisation in dam building, which declared it a most viable project for power generation and irrigation purposes. Not only this, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund had expressed their willingness to provide funds. One must remember that both India and the US would never like to see Pakistan self-sufficient in power generation with which is linked the growth of its industrial sector that is now in shambles. Reports available on the internet now indicate that Americans and the Indians have pumped in huge funding in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to build opposition to this otherwise most beneficial project for the entire country. Initially, the ANP leadership objected to the height of the proposed dam which was later reduced from 115 feet to 85 feet. Then they raised the issue of royalty that was also addressed. Yet, they continue opposing it. The main concern of Sindhi leaders was that a certain level of water must pass through Kotri Barrage. Even this was accepted. Yet, they are still opposing it. But the most painful aspect is that a minion like Raja Parvaiz Ashraf, the then Federal Minister for Water and Power had the idiocy to completely shelve the Kalabagh project, saying that it was not workable. No doubt, he committed a national crime. But the poor fellow did what his party top leadership forced him to do. One would hope that time would soon come when the opponent would see Kalabagh Dam as a great help in getting over the scarcity of water and power.