ISLAMABAD - After its announcement to boycott the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) polls, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is likely to adopt another strict stance and part ways with the government in a day or two. Senior party leaders in London and Karachi are deliberating the matter and final decision to be or not to be the part of government will be announced shortly, sources in MQM told TheNation. They said the sudden postponement of elections on two seats in Karachi and some other matters would likely be the main reason for MQM to leave the government coalition. MQM has also made it clear that if the government continued following its dictatorial actions and refused to give the people their democratic right to vote, it would adopt any line of action in future and take important decisions. Sources said the party level decision would be announced before the special cabinet meeting scheduled to be held on Tuesday (June 28), as the MQM ministers participation in the cabinet was almost doubtful. Talking to this scibe, senior MQM leader from Punjab Zahid Malik said the MQM Public Coordination Committee would announce its final decision within a day or two, as the party Chief Altaf Hussain sought the opinion of its party members and public in this regard. Muttahida, he said, supported the PPP-led government when it had not a simple majority and it played its positive role as a coalition partner at every moment. He came down hard on the Interior Minister Rehman Malik saying that they knew him since the time he was additional DG FIA and their party by giving its vote rendered him successful for the Senate seat. It is worth mentioning here that the estranged coalition partner MQM was won back by PPP in the cabinet a couple of months before when Muttahida parted ways with the government on different issues. The major hurdle at that time between the two parties regarding the revival of magistracy system in Sindh was also removed during last annoyance of MQM, sources said. Earlier, the MQM had announced its return to coalition after its demand of withdrawing decision of hike in the prices of petroleum were met but it had refused to join the cabinet.