OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - The PPP on Sunday accused the Punjab government and the PML-N of hijacking all polling stations in Lahore to prevent their voters from casting the ballet in LA-37 (Valley-II) in connection with the AJK election. Central Secretary General Jehangir Badr, Federal Minister Samina Khalid Ghurki, Raja Riaz, Samiullah Khan, and PPP candidate for LA-37, Diwaan Ghulam Mohayyudin, told reporters at a news conference that PML-N workers uprooted their polling camps and prevented entry of voters and polling agents inside the polling stations. They also blamed the Punjab police for using tactful tactics to rig the election. The PPP leaders further alleged that PML-N workers launched organized attacks on their workers to make them flee from the polling stations and also held hostage Deputy Election Commissioner Rana Ishtiaq for quite some time. Jehangir Badr said he did not expect such an attitude from Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Badr also accused him (Shahbaz) of adopting an anti-Federation stance which, he said, would not be in the countrys interest. He said it was unfair that not even a single PPP candidate in Punjab was being tolerated. He said PPP did not want confrontation with any political party including the PML-N as democracy was the only system to keep the country united and intact. Samina Ghurki criticized Shahbaz Sharif for not taking governors call who wanted to discuss law and order situation arising out of the clashes initiated by PML-N workers. She alleged that ballot boxes had been stuffed with ballot papers much before start of the polling, and PML-N MNA Bilal Yasin was seen stuffing ballot boxes at a women polling station at Qalaa Lachhman Singh polling station. Raja Riaz alleged that PML-N workers resorted to hooliganism and made the polling stations no go areas for PPP voters. He said Sundays incidents had exposed dual standards of PML-N in politics. He said PPP had opened a new chapter in countrys politics by signing CoD with Nawaz party to end 23-year long hostility between the two parties, but ML-N was still continuing with its old traditions. PPP candidate, Diwaan Ghulam Mohayyuddin said that that his political agent was not allowed to enter polling station at Qalaa Lachhman Singh Polling Station and ballot boxes had already been stuffed with ballot papers. He said Deputy EC reached that polling station on his call, but he was not allowed to enter the premises. Diwaan said he also informed the AJK?CEC about the law and order situation at Chishtia High School.