KARACHI (INP) - Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry has said provision of quick and effective justice and security to life of citizens should be the top duty of the government. The chief justice was of the view that the standard of investigation and prosecution was deteriorating day by day. We have collected data from the courts, police, prosecution and the jail authorities and found that 40 percent of case challans are not produced in the court on one pretext or the other, he observed while addressing a seminar on Criminal Justice System, Prosecution & Investigation, organised during the 1st Judicial Academies Summit here on Sunday. In his key note address, the chief justice said there was no effective prosecution and investigation of cases and influential people create problems in the investigation. Sometimes there is a list of witnesses but they remain untraceable. Victims are badly suffering while accused are roaming freely, he maintained. The CJ said political influences and social pressure badly affect the performance of investigation institutions. The bar, investigation agencies and prosecution are duty bound to administer justice and uphold the supremacy of rule of law, he added. The Constitution of Pakistan requires the state to ensure inexpensive and expeditious justice, he pointed out. About the extra-judicial killings, he said these incidents are in violation of law and right to life as safeguarded in Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Police Rights and Article 10 provides important safeguards against arbitrary arrest and detention and Article 10-A guarantees fair trial. Justice Iftikhar said that a new service for prosecution of criminal cases has been established in all the provinces to ensure prosecutorial independence in criminal justice system of the province. He further observed that weaknesses in investigation, structural flaws in the whole system and lack of coordination among the stakeholders at grass roots level have been causing an increase in litigation in society and dismally low conviction rate. Low conviction system is worrisome, he further observed. The CJP said that negligence on the part of the investigating agency badly damages the prosecution case, therefore, there is need to improve the quality of investigation by educating the investigators with the current laws. The senior judges of the Supreme Court, High Courts on the occasion presented their papers on criminal justice system. The ultimate purpose of justice in the society is to ensure peace, amity and tolerance, which contribute to the welfare of people. Our Constitution and laws derive inspiration from the Holy Quran and traditions of the Prophet (PBUH). Man is a supreme creation, the CJ declared. Stressing that great responsibility was entrusted on the shoulders of those who have to participate in the process of administration of justice, he cautioned that any error or flaw could make the judge accountable in this world and the world hereafter. He deliberated that in every society the responsibility of keeping the people safe from the unfair acts of others is entrusted to the state, while the rationale of the criminal justice system was the realisation of rule of law, which is one of the basic conditions for sustainable development of societies; as where there is rule of law resultantly, the people hold confidence in the ability of the state institutions to provide justice and security.