ISLAMABAD - After making numerous promises before their departure to take part in Junior Hockey World Cup, the PHF officials and other high profile persons including coach and manager have said the boys are fit and would easily defend the title. But how shameful it was to watch the defeat of hockey in the semi-final at the hands of South Korea. After winning group matches with big margins against relatively weaker opponents, the Green Shirts failed where it mattered most. If we closely look at the team, it clearly had not played enough matches and joining camps for a couple of days is by no way enough to compete at international level. Winning matches against low-ranked and unknown teams doesn't help when someone had to play big tournaments like World Cups. There is still time for the PHF top brass to sit together and completely look into their mistakes, not only remove them but also ensure they would not be repeated. On the other hand, there is not much difference in the senior side after losing to France in their opening match in the four-nation hockey series in Ireland. Pakistan Hockey team was hardly able to beat China 2-1 and then the hosts Ireland again with the same score line. Had ace short corner specialist Sohail Abbas was not in the side, Pakistan could have easily bowed out of the event at earlier stage. He not only secured victory but also proved that age had not made such difference. He was and is the best player not only in Pakistan but also in the entire world. One thing is quite clear that if the Green Shirts struggle to beat such low-ranked oppositions what will happen when they will be pitted against the European mighty sides. Then, what is the purpose of hiring an expensive Dutch coach for almost Rs 2 million per month, though his contribution is not even satisfactory. A nation where top hockey players are not being paid even in thousands and the coach is taking such huge amount, it is totally a waste of national wealth and an indication of personal agenda. These results can be achieved through a club level coach then why Pakistan Hockey Federation is wasting huge amount of cash on Dutch coach? It is true a coach does play a vital role in building a team but no one can deny the fact it is players not coaches who perform at the centre stage. If players are not being paid accordingly, how someone would expect to get results from them. Many of the top Pakistani hockey players are jobless. They only earn bread and butter for their families by applying their trade in this field. This is the national and moral duty of the PHF to provide maximum facilities to the players so that they can be able to fully concentrate on their game without indulging in anything else to provide reasonable living standard to their families. There is still the time for the PHF to take a bold step and sack this coach who is like a white elephant for the team and country. A poor country like Pakistan can't afford to pay such huge amount of money to an average coach.