OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE A world fight for the natural resources is going on, and we Pakistanis need to understand this great game. The US intended to promote India in the region to tackle China in future, said ex-Pakistan Ordnance Factory Chairman Maj. Gen. (Retd) Muhammad Javed in his address on Sunday to TECH Clubs Fikri Nishst (thought-provoking session) on the topic of Threats to Pakitstans security. Talking about the current security situation in the country, Gen Javed said: The US is pursuing a policy of widening Pakistans internal fracture. The former General said weaknesses were part of every society, but we needed to take these in a constructive way instead of negative one. Gen Javed said Balochistan was the USs target to get access to natural resources of the Central Asian Republics. I salute Pakistani politicians who have tactfully abstained from wars. Fortunately, Pakistani people and rulers have together achieved nuclear capability. He said the US was planning to roll back Pakistans nuclear programme by strengthening the Indo-Pak friendship. Pakistans civil and military leaderships, he said, had the courage to use Atomic weapons if war was imposed on Pakistan. Javed said there was a need for strengthening Pakistans military at this stage. Terning to the economic issues in Pakistan, the General said the only solution to our ailing economy was introduction of an effective taxation system to reduce reliance on American aid. An organization in Pakistan like American Homeland Security is required to combat terrorism here. Earlier, in his welcome address TECH Club President Zubair Sheikh condemned journalist Najam Sethi for his statement regarding Pakistans military and demanded an appropriate action against him. On the occasion, Dr Mugheesuddin Sheikh said Pakistani citizens had the right to criticize the military, but not in the insulting way. He said the military was defaming itself by engaging troops in the tribal areas. Famous poet Jameel Gishkori read his poem on the present scenario of Pakistan. Dr Muhammad Sadiq also spoke on the occasion.