PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif’s words that the party will form a grand alliance before the next elections excluding those who are government allies sound odd. He vented his anger against PPP allies over what he alleged was their support to a corrupt regime. However, if these parties are excluded from his future alliance, the main political players left in the field are the PTI and Jama’at-e-Islami. The PTI has made it clear that it will not join ranks with the PML-N. The JI also appears more inclined to joining the PTI, if it felt the need to form an alliance.

Mian Nawaz should be trying to bring Muslim League’s different splinter factions under one tent, cement the alliance and then go to the polls. His guiding principle should be to turn it into the party it once was under Quaid-i-Azam which created Pakistan. This alliance would also lessen the chances of the PPP staging a comeback and pushing once again the country to dark ages of loadshedding and lawlessness. For a grand alliance, the PML-N which is active these days canvassing and holding rallies all over the country should work for Muslim League’s reunification. This has to be done without an element of personal prestige that so far remains the barrier.