It has been reported in the National Press that Mr Pervez Elahi has become Deputy PM.  However, the entire Constitution of Pakistan does not have the word Deputy PM. Article 90 of the Constitution “The Federal Government” states that

(1)   Subject to the Constitution the executive authority of the Federation shall be exercised in the name of the President by the Federal Government consisting of the Prime Minister and the Federal Ministers which shall act through the Prime Minister who shall be the Chief Executive of the Federation.

(2)   In the performance of his functions under the Constitution, the Prime Minister may act directly or through the Federal Ministers.

Article 91. “The Cabinet” states,

(1) There shall be a cabinet of ministers with the Prime Minister at its head, to aid and advice the President in the exercise of his functions.

As such the appointment of a Deputy Prime Minister is an extra Constitutional act.


Lahore, June 26.