Speaking to the media at MQM’s headquarters Nine Zero, Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has stated that Karachi’s law and order and loadshedding were his government’s priority. These two are no doubt serious issues but they are not the only ones; there are others equally crucial and need his attention in an equal measure. The scourge of terrorism has been spreading its tentacles to virtually the entire country. Bringing peace to Balochistan has become a tough task. A strategy grappling with these crucial matters has to be devised.

Among other issues flowing from the power shortage are the state of the economy, with inflation literally snatching bread from average man’s mouth. Making matters worse is corruption that seems to have been almost institutionalised. At this point in time the Prime Minister should have spoken of a range of issues confronting the country. With PPP’s credibility already in question, statements that smack of partisan politics should be avoided. Raja Ashraf should make the best use of his office to serve the country.