There is no end to target killing in Karachi carried out on sectarian, political and extortion grounds. The city police and other law enforcement agencies are doing nothing to check the criminality that has engulfed the city in turmoil. When the Supreme Court took suo motu notice of the situation in Karachi last year, there was hope that peace would return to Karachi since the culprits had been pinpointed and exposed. However, barring a few months, the killing spree returned to the city with more vengeance. Dead bodies are felled each day by dozens and the political parties from Sindh are busy cutting bargains with the Centre. The most stunning remark came the other day by the additional IG Sindh when he allowed traders to shoot extortionists on sight. Are not such suggestions a recipe for criminal warfare? Instead of discouraging the use of weapons, a long overdue decision, the AIG is motivating people to arm themselves with weapons. One is baffled to understand where this country would land amidst so much violence in its major metropolis.


Karachi, June 26.