PR -The sixth episode of Young Ambassadors of Peace, a reality show based on the declamation contests held across the country, was aired on terrestrial network ATV. The contests held in 24 districts of Pakistan in all four provinces were hosted by Individualland, an Islamabad-based consultancy. The previous episode (5th) focused on the provincial level speech competition between the contestants belonging to Sindh whereas this episode evolved around the provincial level event of Punjab. Since the number of participants from Punjab was high, it has been divided into two episodes; this one being the first of the series. The sixth episode included speeches of eighteen contestants out of which three qualified for the grand finale based on performance. The highlights of the episode were the backstage drama; pre-speeches exhilaration and edginess of the contestants as well as the constant arguments between the two judges Ms Quratul Ain and Mr Tauseeq Haider. Most of the speeches, however, were stimulating and visionary. Other highlights included the outstanding performance of three winners (qualifiers). Although all the contestants came to the stage and gave out their best, the performance of these contestants were extraordinary.The audience was also very energetic and throughout the episode, kept cheering for the contestants. Whenever the YAP song was played in the hall, audience were found dancing to the tune.The next episode will hit the television next Sunday 30th June 2013 and promises to be more entertaining.