Afghan President is right in suspending talks with Taliban or being a participant in unilateral US proposed talk with Taliban at the new Taliban Office in Doha (Qatar), unless process was Afghan led. There has been ongoing conflict of interest on the American side, they blow hot and cold. First, the Taliban were the enemies and now they want to hold talks with them, without the present Afghan government on the table with them.Without taking the Afghan government on board, initiating negotiation with Taliban directly is tantamount to accepting them as a ‘government in exile’ whose objective will be to take over Afghanistan, abolish constitution and implement their agenda of Islamization, causing a long term problem for the world. Conspicuously in an attempt by US, to let Afghan fight Afghan, creating chaos and lawlessness in this part of the world seems to be on their agenda before they leave the area. US policy of recognizing ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ to initiate the talk, overrides the legitimacy of current Afghan government, undermining Afghan sovereignty, is regrettable and hypocritical. The US is following its past mistakes and leaving behind chaos and destruction, they did this in Iraq and now they are playing this deadly game in Afghanistan, the world or maybe the Islamic World needs to unite and stand against such blatant destruction of nations as has been seen. Someone has to stop them!NASEER HASHMI, Karachi, June 21.