The prestigious weekly journal ‘The Economist’of June 8, 2013 had a thought provoking article published. It talked about the enigma of ‘Fear your strengths’. It says that what one is best at could become ones biggest problem, like ‘forcefulness’ can turn into bullying, decisiveness can become pigheadedness and niceness can develop into indecision. Similarly consensus could become dithering. The last one has uncanny resemblance to our situation where every ugliness is termed as ‘beauty of democracy,’ whether it is inability to build a mega-dam like KBD, it falls in the bracket of ‘dithering’ due to worshipping the elusive consensus that is unachievable. This is certainly not the beauty of democracy, but a thin hideous veil to hide behind. We are ready to beg India, our erstwhile enemy and exploiter, to sell us power, while we hardly utilise 15 percent potential of our hydel power. India meanwhile generates several thousand MW of power on our Western rivers that it plans to sell to Pakistan at our great peril. Our ‘goodness’ may be our greatest enemy!DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, June 15.