LONDONDMA two-year-old has become the youngest member of British Mensa after taking an intelligence test that ranked him smarter than Barack Obama and David Cameron.While most toddlers are busy learning to walk and scribbling on walls, child prodigy Adam Kirby enjoys reading Shakespeare, learning Japanese, Spanish and French, and even potty-trained himself.Adam, from Mitcham, south London, took the Stanford-Binet IQ test and scored 141, 10 points higher that two of the most powerful world leaders and four points short of Genius level, despite not even being able to speak in full sentences yet.The toddler’s parents Dean, 33, and Kerry-Ann, 31, say they realised their son was different when he’d potty-trained himself after reading a book on the subject aged just one.At 29 months, Adam is able to spell 100 words, has conquered most of his times tables up to 10, has learnt his periodic table, and even mastered a world map puzzle designed for adults.After he scored so highly in the IQ test he was invited to join British Mensa, the society for those with outstandingly high IQs, and became the youngest boy ever to do so.The youngest British person ever to join was a girl, Elise Tan-Roberts, now six, who joined Mensa aged two years and four months in 2009; Adam joined at two years and five months.