Pakistan was brought into being on the belief that it will provide a haven for Muslims and we will not suffer at the hands of the infidels. Unfortunately all the people who dreamed these dreams have been rudely woken up. Our government has failed miserably to provide any sustenance to the poor of the country. It seems to get worse with time. Other countries that got their independence after us, are enjoying huge success due to their patriotic Amendments as well as hard work and honest rulers, while we suffer.Let’s take all the problems the nation faces, there is electricity, uneven distribution of wealth, no education, no medical facility, no control over prices, rampant corruption and most ominous of all terrorism. If the issue of electricity is not solved quickly we may see more joblessness, which will enhance security threat as a hungry man is the target to end up as a recruit for the militants, with millions of dollars backing them.The masses were hoping that the new government will provide subsides but the new government has dashed all their hopes. They did not increase the pays of government servant and the inflation is increasing day by day. Before coming into power our politicians were claiming that they will solve the problem of electricity but now they are using delaying tactics. Fact is that in Pakistani politics the policies and issues remain the same while the policymakers and politicians change. Our government has no regard for the masses or their problems; they just want power and ways of lining their own pockets. After coming into power, they forget the promises they made for getting the votes. The general public is paralysed by the run around of just making ends meet, they have no time to look at big scandals and that is what the government wants. Educated people having degrees and are wandering around looking for jobs. Unemployment has increased tremendously adding to the other woes. One is bound to ask, is Pakistan a welfare state? Our children should have been educated, our people should have had health facility, death by diseases such as polio and measles should have been ended four decades ago. But Pakistan is in a state of stagnation, with no viable change that can bring prosperity.They make high claims but the practical implementation is not seen, the ground reality is that we are living in a failed state, with no hope.FARHAT NASIM, Wah Cantt, June 15.