RomeDMAn artist has created series of wacky images turning everyday items into hilarious and all but impossible to use objects. Giuseppe Colarusso, 49, fashioned the unique work to make people question the functionality of the likes of cutlery, garden tools and office equipment.The set of playful pictures, entitled ‘Improbabilita’, makes some items impossible to use, others improbable and some given a completely new function altogether.From a dice with no spots, a table tennis bat with a hole in it to the likes of a door handle made of razor blades the items have all been given a quirky twist. Inventive Giuseppe took his first picture in 1985 with a hand-made camera created from a shoe box with a sheet of photographic paper inside and a hole pierced in the lid.He said: ‘This is a collection that I would describe almost as like surreal still-life. ‘The series is a collection of imaginary objects which are unlikely but not totally impossible to use.‘My aim with these images is always to try and make people smile but think about what they are seeing at the same time.’