Through vicious nexus, the US, India and Israel are utilising their resources and technology to hit the Muslims and Islam, especially they are sparing no efforts to destabilise Pakistan, said Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the Ameer of Jamaat-ud-Dawa Pakistan. “Buddhist and Hindu organisations are striving hard to eliminate the Muslims from Burma,” he said addressing a training workshop of Jamaat-ud-activists at Bahawalpur. “Drone attacks are claiming lives of innocent people. The whole world is quiet on the issue of Burma because the effected people are the Muslims. Help of oppressed Kashmiris and Burmese Muslims is liability of the whole Muslim community. External involvement cannot be controlled without taking courageous steps. Muslim leader’s quietness on the cruelty against Muslims of Myanmar is disappointing.”He said that the Muslims especially Jamaat-ud-Dawa workers should strengthen their link with Allah Almighty and spread through the world and utilise their abilities for the promotion of Islam. He said that Burmese Muslims had been oppressed for so long but the whole world was quiet on this cruelty because the affected people are Muslims. He added that regarding the brutality on Burmese Muslims, the international community was showing their dual standards.He said that in in Burma, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of Muslims had been martyred. Army and police are killing the Muslims while Muslim women are being dishonored but the United Nations and other human rights organisations are not taking any notice.He said, “We will raise a voice at national and international levels and uncover the brutality against the innocent people of Myanmar. Muslim Umma should play their role in the independence of the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar. External powers are targeting the Muslims. Terrorism in Balochistan, Sindh and other parts of the country is being carried out by external powers. Without unity, defeating the enemy would be impossible.”Addressing an Ittehad Ummat conference in Football Stadium on Jhang Road, Hafiz Saeed said that general (r) Pervez Musharraf was facing the music due to his past acts like gaing Pakistani airbases to the US to attack and kill innocent Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan.He stated that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had spent several years in Saudi Arabia where he might had seen interest in interest-free banking and business so he should implement this system in Pakistan too. He demanded that the government should get back Pakistan’s water share from India through Indus Treaty instead of purchasing electricity from India as India was producing electricity by using Pakistan’s water unlawfully.