peshawar - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak Wednesday announced that he would pay from his pocket for using helicopter to attend wedding ceremony of his close friend’s son in Haripure a few days back.

Addressing the KPK Assembly, the CM said that he was left with no option other than to use helicopter for attending the marriage ceremony of his close friend’s son in Haripur some days back. He said that he wanted to return in time to Peshawar for holding meeting with the officials of World Food Organisation (WFO).

“Earlier, I had made a programme to go to Haripur by road but meeting with the representatives of WFO was scheduled at 2:pm, therefore, I travelled by helicopter,” he added.

He said that he should not have used helicopter for marriage ceremony.

“Therefore, I will pay from my pocket the expenses of my travelling through helicopter. I have directed my secretary to pay the expenses,” he added. 

He, however, said that the same helicopter had been used much in the past, adding his government had promised with people and they would fulfill all the promises one by one.