LAHORE - Condemning the terror attack on Singh High Court Justice Maqbool Baqar in Karachi, the lawyers boycotted court proceedings and went on strike here on Wednesday.

The lawyers termed the attack as a cowardly act in which a SHC judge sustained injuries and about seven other people lost their lives. They held strong protest against the government for its failure to provide adequate security and maintaining law and order situation.

The Pakistan Bar Council, Punjab Bar Council and all groups of lawyers strongly condemned the incident, demanding the government to take effective steps and chalk-out a comprehensive security plan in this regard. They said the government has failed to ensure law and order, as such terror attacks are taking place repeatedly across the country.

In Lahore, all subordinate courts including District and Sessions Court, Civil Courts, NAB Courts and Banking Courts observed strike, showing solidarity with their community. The judges also supported the cause and instead of hearing the cases, they went to their chambers. Soon after the incident, a situation of panic spread among the members of legal fraternity.

On other hand, the litigants suffered a lot and hundreds of cases adjourned till other dates while the bail matters, which were to be decided, also went into long waiting list.