A man set ablaze his wife for refusing to bring money from her parents here in 56/DB Yazman the other day.According to detail, Mohammad Abid, a resident of 56/DB sprinkled petrol on his wife 35-year-old Nazia Bibi and set her ablaze.According to details, Nazia’s brother, Abdullah told the media that his sister was married off to Abid around 10 years ago and they had three children. However, Abid remained jobless and also indulged in bad habits like consuming alcohol and gambling. He often forced his wife to bring money from her parents and later used that money in gambling and on alcohol. After losing money in gambling he tortured his wife and forced her bring again money her parents but she refused. At which he started beating her and later set her ablaze after sprinkling petrol on her. Abdullah maintained that after the incident neighbour took her to THQ Hospital Yazman. According to doctors at THQ Hospital, Nazia has sustained burns on 30 to 35 percent of the body as her hands and face have badly burnt. They, however, declared her condition out of danger.Meanwhile, Yazman City Police Ghulam Mohiuddin said that case against Abid had been registered on the Complaint of Nazia’s sister Shazia Bibi under section 324 PPC.