Protest was held as power disconnection for the last four days amid scorching heat has crippled and made miserable the people’s lives here.As the mercury rises in the district, a number of transformers went out of order and could not be replaced after passing of four days. As the transformer of Rajoa Sadat stopped working, Fesco officials sent it to Faisalabad workshop for repair but it has not been repaired yet. Meanwhile, another transformer at Mouza Talib also stopped due to overload. The villagers strongly protested against inaction of Fesco. They blocked Chiniot-Rajoa Road as a protest against Fesco officials. Talking to the media men, Muzafar Ali, Ahmad Hussain and others said that hot weather has gone at peak and their lives are miserable. They demanded an immediate replacement of their transformers and an action against negligent officials. Fesco’s senor official Shafaqat Hussain said that the Rajoa transformer was sent Fesco workshop and will be installed after repairing.