RAWALPINDI - Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) arranged 'Focus Group Discussion on Youth and Leadership Development, Use of Social Media and High Quality Partnership' on Wednesday. Panellists of the discussion were Dr Sally Kenny, Dr Agnieszka Nance and Dr Beth Wee, all from Tulane University. In the discussion students from different departments of FJWU actively participated and shared their point of views regarding the issues.Dr Humaira Ahmed, In-charge Women Research and Resource Centre, welcomed the worthy guests and briefed them about the community services and the civic engagements activities performed by FJWU.Later on the panellist shared their experiences with the students and stressed that learning was a two-way process, which occurs at all levels. They said, "Youth of any nation are asset and if we want to progress then we need to empower them. And the way to empower them is to make them free and listen to their voices."According to the panellists, leadership is not linked to age or seniority rather leader is a person who revolutionises the lives of people.Speaking on the social media, they said that it was a medium that can help create a link between people of different regions and religions and was the only way of opinion sharing. Role of social media in the case of disasters was also discussed.