Dusseldorf, GermanyMOHanging 80 feet in the air this huge installation has turned art lovers into ‘spiders’ by recreating their intricate webs with 2500-square metres of mesh. The three storey structure allows up to ten people to float on gigantic air-filled PVC balls, as well as play spider by stalking people below.The three-tonnes of netting took three-years to compose into the impressive structure, called ‘In Orbit’ by engineers under the direction of Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno.Located at over the giddy-heights of three floors of the K21 Standhaus museum in Dusseldorf, Germany the artist studies the techniques used by spiders to create their webs when he designed the spectacular piece of interactive artwork.Mr Saraceno explained the thinking behind his work.‘Each individual strand not only holds visitors in place, but weaves them into itself, at the same time allowing them to act,’ he said. ‘It’s like an outstretched network with an open character.  ‘An open, cosmic, woven structure that becomes densified, ramified, before flowing out into lines again at its edges.‘The web is singular in its relationship to the existing architecture.’Visitors must be at least 12-years-old when they choose to take to the heights of the exhibition when it opens on June 22nd.