LAHORE/Karachi -The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday condemned blast in Karachi and termed it a conspiracy aimed at destabilizing the economy.

In a statement issued here, LCCI President Farooq Iftikhar, Senior Vice President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh and Vice President Mian Abuzar Shad urged the Sindh government to take urgent measures to control law and order in the financial hub of the country.

The LCCI office-bearers said that attack on the convoy of Sindh High Court Judge was a failure of law enforcement agencies and calls for a new strategy on law and order as the repeated incidents in the last few days have tarnished the image of the country. They said that the government would have to revisit and redesign its anti-terrorism policy as the existing methodology has failed the stem the acts of terror in the country.

The LCCI office-bearers also urged the government to convene a roundtable of all the political parties and business community representatives to make a consensus policy to cope with law and order related incidents that have jolted the very basis of the country.

Meanwhile, Gulzar Firoz, acting president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), has condemned the attack on the convoy of Sindh High Court Justice Maqbool Baqar, which has led to the tragic loss of lives of several people and injuries of several others, including Justice Maqbool.

The FPCCI leadership has expressed grave concern over the deteriorating state of law and order in the country, and has called upon the government and law enforcement agencies to take strict action to control the situation before it gets out of control. They said that such type of terrorist activities can only be carried out by inhuman mercenaries who have an anti-Pakistan agenda and are bent upon creating an adverse image of Pakistan around the world.  The businessmen reiterated that the business community would continue to extend support to the state to weed out terrorism and extremism.