LAHORE - Emirates Airline’s management has suspended its operation from and to Peshawar for 15 days while Qatar Airways and Ittehad Air have shifted their operation from Peshawar to Islamabad .
Gulf Air has changed its operation timings at Peshawar and shifted its flights from night to day times. Saudi Arabian Airline and Air Arabia are already operating their flights at day times from and to Peshawar, so they have made no changes in their operation. This was decided at the meetings of different airlines held in their respective headquarters.
The decision came after the terrorist attack on a PIA plane at the Peshawar Airport a couple of days back in which a woman was killed and two other passengers received bullet injuries. A senior representative of one of the above airlines , while talking to The Nation, said, initially, Emirates Airline had suspended its operation for 15 days. At the same time he said the operation might remain suspended till further orders. Another officer, seeking anonymity, said, “We have also changed landing/taking off times of flights”. He added some airlines had adopted the policy of temporary suspension on flight-to-flight basis.
Sources in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Pakistan said since they had assured the airlines of safety of their aircraft, certain airlines had not suspended their operation. A CAA officer said attacks on the planes in the past were made at night, so there was not much threat at day time.