LAHORE - The new political alignments have become quite clear in the current volatile situation and will get clearer when different political parties respond to the APC call by PAT Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri.
PML-Q, AML and MQM have so far emerged as the three staunch supporters of Dr Tahirul Qadri’s plan to change the existing political order through revolution.
On the issue of the Model Town tragedy, all opposition parties, including PPP, sympathised with the PAT chief. But it has yet to be seen how many of these attend his APC on this issue.
The PTI, which earlier expressed support to the Minhaaj chief’s agenda, suddenly changed its mind and now it is playing the role of an onlooker. Though PTI is in agreement with the PAT chief over the latter’s agenda of electoral reforms, it is averse to using unconstitutional means to change the present system. But the possibility of PTI’s joining PAT at some later stage cannot be ruled out if the two parties agree on some minimum agenda which paves the way for early elections.
For obvious reasons, PML-N, PPP, ANP, JI, JUI-F and nationalist parties also don’t look favourably at any radical change in the existing order and that too coming through a revolution. All these parties see their survival only under the present political system.
Though PPP is not happy with the way the PML-N government has handled the events before and after the arrival of Dr Qadri, it is not inclined to go against the government at any stage in the future. A PPP delegation, led by Senator Jehangir Badr, also visited Qadri’ residence on Tuesday and condoled with him the deaths of the PAT workers caused by a fierce clash with police at Minhaj Secretariat on June 17.