Has any one of us heard of the demise of more than thousand people in a couple of days, owing to sweltering heat? If not, then welcome to Pakistan and to Karachi. Welcome to a place where you would find manipulators rather than leaders. Welcome to a place where you would find reverence for wealth but no value for human life. Welcome to a place where savagery exists, under the garb of civility, but most importantly welcome to a place where death reins supreme, the tragic demise of the resilient common man.

The weather and climatic changes throughout the region have surely contributed towards escalating heat waves in Pakistan, making it impossible for the common man to carry out his daily affairs but has it numbed the sensibilities of the leaders as well who have evidently turned a blind eye to the suffering and plight of their population, the people who voted for them to serve as their representatives.

Water Scarcity and excessive electricity load shedding are the defining issues of almost all rural areas. No worthwhile efforts are made to address this by the federal or the provincial government.

The common man might not have minded the public dozing off, of the Sindh CM, in social meetings and events, but they surely minded the slumber of everyone in power. While the general population dies, loses life because of water scarcity and heat literally crippling their bodies due to excessive load shedding, our so called leaders resting in air conditioned rooms participate in political blame game. Does this absolve them of their responsibility, their duty towards their followers?

Could not the government reschedule the load shedding timings considering the sweltering heat and the fact that this time around Ramazan is during intolerable heat? Could not the government render efforts to at least ensure supply of drinking water to people in Karachi?


Lahore, June 23.